Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally...a break!

Ahhh...I'm on day 2 of my much needed spring break.  And I still have a whole entire full week of nothingness!  I'm so excited about sleeping in and being able to pee whenever I want to!  I've been making a Spring Break To Do list ever since Christmas.  Here goes:

-Clean out my closets {yes, closetS. I'm one girl in a two bedroom apartment. Both bedrooms have clothes EVERYWHERE and I need to get it under control.} and either donate or eBay things I don't wear.  It's kind of sickening, but I'd say half of the clothes in my closets still have tags on them or have only been worn once.  I always think I'm going to look sooooo cute in this or that, but when it comes down to it, I spend my days with small children.  They're messy and they hug you even though there's snot all over their face or paint on their hands.  So I end up wearing my school t-shirts pretty much every day to keep my dry cleaning bills down.  And even though it would be very nice of me to donate everything, I just love to eBay it all so I can buy more.  I can't help it.  Do you donate or eBay?  Or a mix of both? 

-Straight up CLEAN my apartment.  It's a hot mess.  Maybe if I can get it all straightened out over break, it will be easier to maintain?  Right? 

-Plan and make copies for the rest of the year.  When I get back from spring break, there will only be 27 days left of school.  I can totally get all of that planned and copied and have things ready for my sweet volunteer grannies to do and then the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.  Hopefully.

-Work out  I totally bought Insanity.  And it is just that.  Insane.  But I kinda like it.  It kinda feels good.  And with all the hard work and sweating I've been doing, I better look AMAZING when the 60 days are over.  I'll be insanely ticked if I don't.

-Blog more!  Things have been so crazy busy around here that I feel like I've been neglecting my blog and all of my favorite blog reads.  I can't wait to catch up!

-Get the Very Pinteresting Spring Exchange organized!  Sign ups end next Wednesday, so I'll spend Thursday getting everyone matched up and emailed!  If you want to participate, head over and check it out.  If you want to host a giveaway, you need to email us by April 1st to be included!  {teacherbloggerexchange at gmail dot com}
So...those are my plans.  What do you want to bet I won't get much of it done at all?!  My DVR is pretty full.  And catching up on Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl sounds sooo much funner than cleaning and planning.  But who knows?  I just might end up being crazy productive and get a bunch of work done. 

Who else is spring breaking it with me this week?  I am so very sorry to those of you who aren't on break right now.  I'll try not to talk about it too much...  But hey, even if you're not on break, at least it's FRIDAY!  Happy Friday!


Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Yes keep us updated on Insanity!

I'm on Spring Break right now but just this week. Though next week there are 2 days of conferences.

I swear I just cleaned my closet/room but it needs help again lol.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Unknown said...

I'm just finishing mine =(
First Grade Blue SKies

Lori Faas said...

My break does not start until April 1:30pm. I am looking forward to filling up the garbage toter. I was shocked to see that you have only 27 more days of school. I am always so jealous of you "early finishers" until August! ;)


Tammy said...

Insanity - my calves talked to me for days after that workout.

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Emily said...

OMG...are you in my head? That list looks almost exactly like my list. Closets, straight up CLEAN, plan/make center units, work out (ChaLEAN for me), blog, and make something for the pinteresting exchange. Shew! I'm tired just thinking of it. I'm sure I'll say "What break?"

Buggy for First Grade said...

My Spring break began today at 3:10. Your break list sounds a whole lot like mine!! Don't know how much I am going to get done on the list.....cause I think going to the beach is more fun!! :0)
Ms. McBee’s Kinderbugs

Kristin said...

Still Spring Breaking with you! I get one more week!
Insanity is INSANE - I did that!!! That's kind of what made me realize I needed to see the doctor about my heart. NO JOKE!!!!! :) It practically killed me. You go, girl. I know how hard that program is!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Kim said...

I am sleeping in tomorrow to celebrate my first day of Spring Break.

My To Do list could last me through September, so I am trying to prioritize.

So far, I have not moved past "Make coffee" on tomorrow's list of responsibilities...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

I hear ya and I am in the same boat... 2 bedroom apartment and teeny tiny closets. I am constantly having to purge. I LOVE organization but it doesn't seem to love me. When I start thinking about cleaning my house I start thinking about cleaning my classroom and then I start thinking about organization ideas on Pinterest....and then I am in the time sucking Pinterest world and there is no going back then! ; ) Have a great Spring Break hope it is super productive!


Becky said...

I just found your blog and love it! Come check mine out sometime!
Teaching, Learning, & Loving

Sandy said...

I'm on spring break too!!! :-) And I'm going to try to do most of the things you are too! Good luck!!! :)

Kerri Buckner said...

I'm on spring break as of April 6th at 11:31 (Well provided all my kiddos get picked up on time.) I can't wait. I need to do some serious cleaning. I used to be a single girl living in a 2 bedroom condo with 3 full closets. But as of June 16th I'll be married and have to share the closets. I have been trying to bring it down to one closet. It's been hard. Next up are my book shelves. Ai, Ai, Ai. I'm not sure I can give up my books. Enjoy your break.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Deb said...

I'm laughing about the "pee when I want" comment. :)

We're on Spring Break (first day today) also. Yesterday on our way to my moms, I totally took off my bra, shoes, and socks. My dh just laughed and said, "Well, I guess your spring break has officially begun!" lol.

27 days after spring break?! I *think* we have 50. 50 ish. I should probably figure that out. . .

Good luck cleaning and doing Insanity!!

Oh My Little Classity Class

Jennifer said...

It's really no fair that we aren't on spring break at the same time!
Rowdy in First Grade

Busy Bees said...

Here's hoping that you are getting more done on your spring break than what I have been. I have been lazing and enjoying it!! Tomorrow is a crack the whip day on myself.

Mrs. M said...

YES, me!! I am on spring break with you! CHEERS to wishing the week would s l o w down :)

Color Me Kinder

Mrs. Roberts said...

Hey girl!!!!!!! I've been MIA for a while. My husband and I have been training for a fitness show and going crazy. I envy you for doing Insanity. It's soooooo hard. Keep it up. I plan to be back blogging so I'll keep up with what's going on. I so wish we could go to Vegas for the K conference.


Wolfelicious said...

Hi! I am your newest follower! I found you through TBTS.


Sandra said...

I am another new follower from TBTS!


Rachelle said...

Love the to-do list!!!!! I am off track {year round school} and I have a huge list to do...but who knows if I'll get it done! Blog-stalking is on my agenda right now! HA!

What The Teacher Wants