Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winner of #4 HBC Giveaway...and some updates!!

Congrats to Julia of Loving & Learning in Pre-K!  She recently started her blog, so head over and check it out!

Also...a few reminders about Holly Bloggy Christmas:
- In order to participate in the giveaways, you must be a participant!
- All partners have been emailed out.  If you still haven't received yours, check your junk mail and then email us at if you still can't find it.
- There is a $15 limit before shipping.
- Remember to snap a picture of the goodies you're shipping out and email it to us before you stick it in the mail.  We want to showcase all of the holiday cheer!  In your email with the picture, please include your blog address if it applies.  We will do a post on Christmas with all of the pictures and we want to link to your blog, but whew! I can't keep real names and blog names straight!
- Stick it in the mail by December 5th so it doesn't arrive late!
- On my Holly Bloggy Page, you will find a short little form to fill out to let us know your gift arrived.  We want to keep tabs on it so no one goes without Holly Bloggy Cheer!  Just head over there and type in your name to let us know you received your gift.
- Absolutely NO PEEKING!  :)
- Feel free to post about all of the fun and thank your Holly Bloggy partner after Christmas!

If you have any questions, just let either me or Sarah know!  Don't forget to head over to Sarah's blog on Monday to check out next week's giveaway!

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