Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sale!

I hope you all had a wonderfully yummy Thanksgiving!  I don't know about you, but I'm always searching for good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I used to enjoy going out and braving the crowds, but now I like to stay home where it's warm and crazy-free.  If you're surfing the web looking for fabulous deals over the weekend, stop by and check out my Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale!  Everything is 20% off now until midnight on Monday!

You will also want to check out Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade and Rebecca from Teaching First to see what kind of great deals they're offering on Black Friday!

Happy Shopping!


Katie said...

I have an award waiting for you over on my blog! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful ideas!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Stacy said...

I LOOOOOOOVE your blog design! So I just started a blog and I have a post with some questions...I am really hoping to get some feedback from the most awesome bloggers/teachers I know...LIKE YOU! I would love to have you visit!
2nd Grade Paradise

Rebecca said...

I know you are going to LOVE this SUNSHINE AWARD I am giving you because your blog just makes my day! (And so do your emails!) Thanks for being my blogging buddy!!

So, without further ado, (drum roll please!) I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award because you make me smile! Come take a look!

Teaching First

Rebecca said...

Oops! I meant without further ADIEU! (Darn French!) ;)

Keri said...

I am also giving you the Sunshine Award because your blog is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing such awesome ideas.

Teach Play Smile

Sara Soucy said...

Hi! I've nominated you and your blog for The Sunshine Award. Come stop by my blog for more details!
Sara :)

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