Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh boy, oh boy!!!

Hey everyone!  "Geez" is all I can say about my week so far.  Seriously.  Am I the only one who is just absolutely drowning in this year?  So much work, so little time.

BUT--- there's no time to even think about things that are less than amazing because this week kicks off the ever so fabulous Holly Bloggy GiveawaysSarah and I are so excited!  We have well over 60 people signed up to exchange gifts and lots of AH-mazing sponsors who can't wait to stuff your stockings with their wonderful teacher resources.  If you haven't already signed up as a participant or sponsor, you won't want to waste any time.  Monday, October 31st is the deadline!  And all of these crazy awesome giveaways are for Holly Bloggy-ers only.  I don't want anyone to be left out!

Now on to our first giveaway!  A super cute teacher banner from Whimzy Creations.  Check it out!
Aww, precious, huh?!  Sarah is hosting the giveaway this week, so head over there for all of the details on how to enter.
And to think...there are still 8 more weeks of these superfab giveaways!!  I can't wait to share the rest of them with you guys!  Good luck!


Haley said...

No, you are not the only one drowning- I'm in my 8th year and this is worse than my first year teaching! I'm glad it's not just me :)

Heather said...

I agree! I'm in my fifth year and I feel like a new teacher all over again!

Michelle Rist said... 14th year of teaching and this year is a challenge!!! So glad I'm not the only one. Teaching gets more challenging every year. So glad we can't vent to other teachers who understand!

I am so excited about the Holly Bloggy Christmas fundraiser! How fun! Thank you for sponsoring!

Michelle Rist said...

Ok, I meant to say "can" vent to other teachers in my previous post. Oh boy...long day!

Tara Eaton said...

Thannks for the post