Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long time gone...

Whew!  It's been a long time!  So glad to find some time to show some love to my blog.  I've missed all of you and have spent the whole day catching up on your blogs...perfect Sunday evening activity!  Gets me all ready for the week ahead.  And my, oh, my is this week ever so busy.

This is our last week of school before fall break {yippee!}, so I'm trying to wrap things up as much as possible and finish units and assess so I don't have to re-teach when we get back just to give a test...  We also have two groups of visitors coming to see our school in action this week.  Our school was chosen to present at the National Model Schools conference this summer and as a result, we've had visitors every week since we started back!  It's exciting to have people in and out...keeps us on our toes and focused.

On top of everything going on at school, I'm also getting ready for a week at the beach!  Aaahhh...can't wait to smell the ocean and dig my toes in the sand.  But first I have to get a pedicure for those toes.  And I'm due for a highlight.  And I need to clean my house.  (Am I the only one who has to have a SPOTLESS house before going on vacation?!)  And I need to make sure I'm planned and ready to go for the week after fall break so I don't have to spend Sunday at school when I get back.

But I have some posts in store for you this week because I love you all oh so very much!  I'm super appreciative to those of you who nominated me for awards over the past couple of weeks! 

2nd Grade Rocks was kind enough to give me the I Heart Your Blog Award!
Then several of my bloggy friends gave me the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks to Queen of Sticky Notes, Third Grade's a Charm, Carried Away in Kindergarten, Bee The Change, and The Silver Lining in Teaching.  Thanks guys!
Alright!  Time for me to head to bed so I'm ready for our visitors tomorrow morning.  Our principal sent out a phone call saying they would be at school and ready to see us in action by 7am!

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