Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Freebie, etc...

I've enjoyed two rainy days at the beach...  Of course that's how it would work!  But I'm hoping for prime beach weather today!  The sun is trying to peek out as I'm typing...

I wanted to share a little Halloween freebie with my bloggy friends!  It's a little game called BOO!  I cut out all the addition problems I want to use and put them in a bucket (think Halloween pumpkin bucket) along with the BOO! cards.  The kiddos take turns drawing a card.  If they can solve the problem, they get to keep their card.  If they get it wrong it goes back in the bucket.  Whenever they draw a BOO! card, they have to put all of their cards back in the bucket.  They love it!  Now...I like to recycle this game again around different holidays, so the addition problems aren't themed, but the BOO! cards are.  (Around Thanksgiving they become Gobble!).  Just a way for me to conserve my cardstock!  Grab your copy here.

I also wanted to share a new blog I discovered during my rainy days here at the beach:  Cole's Little Pups!  Mrs. Cole actually teaches in a neighboring district.  It's so cool to meet people on here who live so close!  She teaches kindergarten and has some super cute ideas on her blog, like this fun game hammering initial sounds.  I'm totally adapting this for some math concepts!  Looks like so much fun.
 I hope you'll head on over to her blog and check her out!

I also hope you'll head over and check out the Holly Bloggy Christmas gift exchange!  If you haven't already signed up, you won't want to miss out.  We have lots of super fabulous bloggers who are already getting in the Christmas spirit with us!  Sarah and I are also planning some amazing giveaways for participants!  You definitely won't want to miss out on them!


Mrs. Roberts said...

You are a serious blogger to be blogging at the beach! But I'd do the same thing. Thanks for the shout out and I'm going to check out your Holly Blogging Christmas.


Ms. Preppy said...

I'm definitely one seriously bored blogger....the weather has been so sad. :( I got in a few hours today though! Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be really nice. Fingers crossed!


Colleen said...

Love this game!! I know my kiddos are going to LOVE it!!

Mrs. Nunley said...

This is such a great idea! I really like how the addition sentence cards aren't themed so they CAN be used for every season/holiday! Thank you so much! I know that my kiddos are going to be SO excited!

Ms. Preppy said...

Thanks girls! Glad you like them!