Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to reality...

I spent my fall break at the beach with the fam.  I think the sun came out, oh...4 times.  Still managed to get burned.  And I always get the craziest burns.  It's not a solid burn.  More like spots.  That's spray on sunscreen for ya!  Anywho...I was about an hour away from home still feeling all vacationy without a care in the world and I checked my email.  Sarah from Kindergarten Korner and I had been emailing and I'll be darned if she didn't smack me right in the face with some reality.  All it took was two words: REPORT CARDS.  Aaahhhh.  I forgot that they're coming up.  Like next week.  (I think.  I still haven't looked at my school calendar to be sure.  That probably makes me a bad teacher.  It'll get done.  Maybe at 1am, but I'll make it happen.) 

I have about 90 little friends who need grades and comments.  I don't know why, but giving grades stresses me out majorly.  Not to mention the fact that I have to give two other teachers their homeroom's math grades and in return, I get my homeroom's reading and writing grades from them.  There HAS to be a better system than just copying and exchanging the pages in our gradebooks, right?  Help a girl out.  Should we try to Google docs it so we can type in our own grades and comments?  Is there some other way I can share an Excel document with two other teachers?  Seriously.  Help me.  It would make my life so much easier if we could just all input our own grades and comments on the computer.  And I know you're all reading this and jumping up and down at the chance to make my life easier...  It's the opportunity of a lifetime!


Mrs. Shelton said...

Sorry to have stressed you out!!!! :) They aren't due until Thursday if that helps you any at all!!!! I would DREAD having to wait on others to get my report cards done. I wish I knew of a way to help you, but I don't. You've got 4 days to figure it out!

Unknown said...

Our report cards are due soon, too! Thanks for the reminder....time to get crackin on my end! I hope you get everything done! I'm rooting for ya! I'm glad you got a little sun on your break!
Teaching First

Ms. Preppy said...

Sarah- it's ok...I guess I can forgive you. :) Luckily the two ladies on my team are good about getting grades to me quickly, otherwise I would FLIP OUT.

Rebecca- Thanks! We'll all be burnin the midnight oil at some point this week over these crazy report cards!

Randee said...

Google Docs is a GREAT way to collaborate on documents w/team members. I know I'm getting to this post too late, but you all should give it a try for mid-qtr. or end of 2nd qtr.
How about them apples?

Anonymous said...

I second the opinion that google docs is a very approachable solution. If you are on the same network there should be a sharing folder available, as an alternative to uploading to google docs.