Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...and summer's lease hath all too short a date!

Ahh...I've made it through the first FOUR days of school.  I'm not completely convinced I'm going to make it through an entire week, you know, five days in a row.  But we shall see!  We start so stinkin' early and I have NO IDEA where my summer went.

Luckily, my friends are AHmazing.  I'm 99.9% sure this is going to be the BEST.YEAR.EVER.  Want to know the best part about teaching the way I do?  My second graders come back in after being with me for two years and it's like they never even left!  They ran in the first day to give me a big "I MISSED YOU!" hug and we got right down to business.  My first graders remembered me and my classroom from kindergarten.  So the only new ones I have to train are the kindergarteners.  And boy oh boy, do we have a lot of training to do!  They are wonderfully fabulous, don't get me wrong.  Today they all told me how beautiful my hair was, my make up was, and my dress was.  All 24 of them.  {And I didn't stop them.  I should have.  But I didn't.  Massive amounts of daily compliments from sweet little people are just a perk of my job.}  Even though they're fabulous, they are NOTHING like last year's kindergarteners.  Last year's class didn't speak unless spoken to, they always walked in a straight line, and I very rarely had to raise my voice.  These kids?  Well, let's just say they're full of character!  And I can't wait to get to know my new cast of kinderfriends better.  I have a feeling they're going to rock it tomorrow.  {fingers crossed anyway!}

Favorite moments from the past four days...

"I-I-I-I... I wasn't running.  I was speedwalking."  ...I would appreciate it if you slowwalk in the hall from now on.

Ms. Preppy: Raise your hand if you can come up here and find the number one.
KinderFriend with Beautifully Raised Hand: If I built an igloo, I would make sure to put a light in there.  That way it won't be dark.
Great idea!  And congratulations, you've earned the non sequitur award today!  Let's bring it on back...I think you should put ONE light in your ONE igloo.  Can you come circle the number ONE?!

After teaching for about ten minutes, I look over by my closet and see a lone shoe...
Ms. Preppy: Is someone missing one of their shoes?
Shoeless Wonder: Oh!!  It must have fallen off while I was walking!
...and you haven't realized by now that you're missing a shoe?!!  My kinderfriends this year LOVE to take their shoes off.  I've never seen (or smelled) anything like it. 

Finally...a proud accomplishment: only TWO little kindergarten friends colored with their glue sticks yesterday.  Progress!


Kitty W said...

You have me laughing at this post. I love kid stories. I keep a little box on my desk where I jot down the things they say. Always cheers me up! I enjoyed your blog and your have a great voice! Thanks for visiting my blog.
The Write Handed Teacher

Lori Faas said...

Love this post! I taught kindergarten for 3 years and it is mind-numbing those first few weeks.....I loved the girl that put the purple gluestick on as lipstick.....enjoy!


Ms. Preppy said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!! Purple "gluestick" lipstick...ahahaha. Kids definitely keep things interesting!