Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog Swap and Hop!

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited about today's Blog Swap and Hop!  You can find me over at The Convenient Teacher today!

I was so excited to have the opportunity to post on Ms. Preppy.  I love Caitlin's blog and when I made the arrangements for this blog swap, I sorta, might have, selected myself to go onto her blog because I love it so much.  But then, it came time to write my post.  I froze.  I blanked.  Not only do I have big shoes to fill, but now she's an ABA therapist.   That means that I should talk about behavior management or something, right?    Well, I've done a couple of those lately, and I'm kinda tapped out.  So, I tried to brainstorm for some common ground.

Organization!  Doesn't it seem like no matter what, we all could be better organized?  When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher used folders to keep herself organized.  She had a different folder for every day and she would store things in those folders.  I loved that idea!  I decided to use letter trays myself.  I have a different tray for each day, and since they come in packs of 3, I have a spare one for long term files.  My desk is still a disaster, but it's the best system I could think of.  I created some file folder labels for you if you'd like to try that system out.  I have a black and white one and a pink and green one since I know color printing isn't always an option for some people.  And they're polka dots because, well, I'm a big fan of polka dots!  Click on the pictures to download the file.

Last year, I started the year with a calendar that I wrote to do lists on.  Then I started using little yellow pads.  No matter what, I never could keep a system going.  I had post it notes all over the computer with reminders.  I don't want to be a disorganized mess this year.  My position is changing and it won't be as crazy (please don't let it be as crazy!) and so I've resolved to be clean and organized!  I created this weekly sheet that I think may help me.

Again, I created a color version and a black and white version.  I like having a To Do list because I love crossing things off.  Don't we all?  I want to put the dates on the bottom with information on important things that week or in the next week or two.  And I want to use the follow up circle for things I need to follow up on from previous weeks.  Plus, there's a little bit of space left over for notes if I need to throw a phone number or something down.  The files are images.  That way you can right-click and save the file.  Then you can paste it into Publisher, Word, or whatever program you prefer, insert a text box, and then type straight onto it.  I like to have my lists written out by hand, but I know many of you prefer the neatness of typing.  

Finally, a while back I bought myself a super fancy Erin Condren planner with some super coupons.  I hope to spend some time this year figuring it out, planning things out, and getting my money's worth.  If you haven't seen those planners, go check them out.  Tons of people love them.

I hope I've given you some resources that you can use to get organized now and for the next school year!

Tessa Maguire is a former reading teacher and differentiated instruction coach.  She currently is in a dual role administration and curriculum coaching position.  She spends her days helping her K-3 teachers find what works best for them and their students.  She blogs about the resources she finds and creates and she shares tips and strategies for effective instruction.  You can find out more information on her blog Tales from Outside the Classroom:


Halle said...

Thanks for the fun freebies. It's my goal this year (and every year) to become more organized...this will definitely help!

Across the Hall in 2nd

cindy from california said...

Just wanted to let you know I have been teaching 30+ years,I've taught Pre-K, Kinder, first and sixth grade. My love is primary and for the past years I've been in first. I have used the Daily file folders most of my career. They are the best for my daily packets my students receive, easy for a sub to find because they're right near my teacher desk. I usually prepare two weeks worth of work so I have two sets of folders. Just an added tip any papers that have to go home on certain days I put in that days folder until I can put them in their mailboxes. Oops thought of another thing I also have a folder labeled Homework that is near my Friday folder. I only give Homework once a week, (Friday due the following Friday), so the folder works out perfect.
Continue your grade teaching ladies.

Polka Dots and Teaching Tots said...

Hi there! I think you are right- we are all, ALWAYS, open to new suggestions on how to organize ourselves. I love the letter trays idea. Currently I have a table with the different subjects on it and I turn the papers I am using for that subject so that the most current is always in a nice pile on top.

On my desk I use letter trays too. I have 3 stacked on top of one another labeled "To Do" "To File" and "To Pass". Every once in a while I go through the To File Pile and put extra sheets, new handouts that have been passed on to me, etc. in their respective folders in the filing cabinet. I really love and would recommend this system!

Polka Dots and Teaching Tots

Marsha McGuire said...

That's so funny. My cooperative teacher had Monday, Tuesday . . . tubs and I still use that same system in my class with drawers.
Great post Tessa.

Lori said...

Thanks for the great organizational tips! I love the black and red theme!
Conversations in Literacy

Grade School Giggles said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas on organization. I always love ideas for organization because it doesn't come naturally for me and I'm always trying to improve.

Grade School Giggles

Steven Take said...

This is so cute! I love all the designs!

Garrett Turbos

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Mitchell Horan said...

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