Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring fever...already?!

Today was pretty much jam packed with LIVE ACTION!  {Speaking of live action, a super fab KY blogger friend commented today to say that.....

--wait for it--

.....she lives near the Turtle Man.  I imagine she can hear his "LIVE ACTION--YEEYEEYEEEYEEE!!!" squeals from her front porch.  And I'm kinda jealous.  I would have to hunt him down and invite him to do an assembly at my school.  That way he could see what live action really is.} 

{Speaking of Kentucky...last night I went to Wal Mart.  That's always an experience 'round these parts.  Anywho, I was walking into the store and there was an old man just standing in the middle of the parking lot.  He jumped out and me and said BOO!  And I almost peed my pants.  I kinda wondered if I was on Betty White's Off Their Rockers prank show.  But I don't think so.  I think it was just a regular night at a KY Wal Mart.}

I think my friends have a touch of spring fever.  In February.  They're just way too busy playing and chatting it up right now.  I've never seen anything like it.  Seriously.  Today I had one kid doing that whole "you can't see me" wrestler thing while I was doing calendar.  {I forget who the wrestler is because wrestling doesn't come on E! or Lifetime, so...}  And I looked at him and said, "I CAN see you.  And for some reason, you're playing while I'm teaching.  What's up with that?"  I'd like to say he stopped, but he didn't.  This story did not have a happy ending. 

Another thing about my friends.  I don't think they are friends.  I've never seen a group of kids bicker and fight the way they do.  There are 29 of them and there aren't enough places in my room to separate all of the ones who need to be on opposite ends.  It's really sad, to be honest.  They're in kindergarten.  And the way we're set up, they will be together until 2nd grade.  So they better start lovin' on each other now.  How do you make kids like each other and get along?  How?!

On a happier note, they're totally movin' and groovin' with skip counting.  Skip counting always makes me nervous, for some reason!  But they always totally blow me away!  They LOVE the Exercise and Count By 5s song by Harry Kindergarten.  Like they can't get enough of it.  I can't find the CD with my favorite 2s song...something about twoooooooooo shoes, yeah {I like it because we get to use our jazz hands}.  So if you have a favorite for counting by 2s, let me know!  Here's a fun little freebie if you're working on skip counting too.

Grab your copy here.

Off to work on making the next set of stations for kindergarten.  We're going to be working on how many more/how many fewer.  If you've blogged about anything like that or have an amazing resource, please point me to it!  Save me some time--and save my poor brain from exploding.


Jessica said...

I love your counting by 2s assessment! =) I will be using that in my centers for sure next week! Thank you!

Under the Alphabet Tree

Unknown said...

Spring Fever is running wild in my classroom! =)
First Grade Blue Skies

Cupcake said...

Thanks for the freebie, so cute!! And how funny/weird is the old man story?!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

EnRiching Kinders said...
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EnRiching Kinders said...

I have had the same problem with my little kinders. They just can't get along with each other. :( I would love some suggestions if you have any.

Jill said...

I have a whoooooooole class of bickerers (is that a word?) and fighters! It is so incredibly frustrating. Two boys got in a fist fight today at recess apparently, and then later in the middle of reading, one boy said, "My dad told me if someone hits me, I should punch them back." And I was like, "OMG please no." Sigh.

Marvelous Multiagers!

Mrs. Nunley said...

My kiddos are just doing stuff that is insane! It MUST be spring fever...there are no other explanations!

Thank you for the freebie!

First Grade Magic

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

And wasn't it just a full moon too? That could explain.

Oh my goodness at your Wally World story lol.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Kristin said...

Love the freebie - thanks for sharing!! :)
And I can't believe that Boo man. WHATEVER! The day after Halloween (years ago) my doorbell rang. When I answered it, there were 3 teenage boys in the Scream masks at my door. GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. And then they left.
I feel you on the Spring Fever. It's happening in my neck of the woods, too.
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Found you on Grade ONEderful! So glad I linked up from Barbara...I am your newest follower!

Hope you take a visit my way soon...


The 3AM Teacher

Mrs. S. said...

Thanks! This will go well with my Valentines activities. :)


Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

Lisa Howard said...

Love the skip counting.

- Lisa
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